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Hults Bruk axes are made for a lifetime of use camping, backpacking, hunting, or performing forestry work. 

Find the perfect axe, one that you'll pass down to your son or daughter.
Join the Hults Bruk tradition.



New Item: Zero Tail Swing Excavator

Image result for Wacker EZ17

Perfect balance of accessibility and productivity, the Wacker Neuson EZ17

Telescopic undercariage can be extended from 39" to 51" for stability.
Pattern control changeover allows ISO and SAE operation.

In-stock, Available for Rental !



In Stock, ready for rental: 

Baretto SG30 Stump Grinder

All hydraulic drive to the cutter wheel eliminates costly belts. It also increases customer satisfaction by ensuring there is no loss of power because of a damaged belt or mechanical component. The track drive
  increases maneuverability around the job site.